Whether you are trying to relax after a long, hard day or you want spend some alone time in a sweet-smelling bath, a CBD bath bomb will take your relaxation to the next level.  When filling your tub, drop one of these luxurious CBD bath bombs to coat your skin in a softening layer of replenishing minerals, clays and essential oils, including CBD-rich hemp oil.

Sit back, soak, and experience the restoring nature of CBD bath bombs.

Savvy Flower Power Lavender Bath Bomb

savvy lavender flower power cbd bath bomb

As I wrote above, this is my favorite CBD bath bomb. I like the smell, and I like the added benefit of the dried flower petals floating on top. The lavender scent isn’t overpowering, but adds enough for you to appreciate its presence.

And remember, for centuries, lavender has been used to make medicines that calm and soothe people, and according to WebMD, it contains an ingredient that may have sedating effects. It’s a go-to scent to help calm and relax in aromatherapy.

CBD: 50mg
Price: $13.00
Cost per mg: $0.26

Lollies Mini CBD Bath Bombs

lollies CBD bath bomb minis

These little bath bombs are so cute. They come in a small size for a quick soak when you need just a pick-me-up. They look like lollipops and dissolve quickly when you just don’t want to wait for that soak.

Each pack of Lollies comes with six of these mini CBD bath bombs each. They are scented with the aroma of candies and have been given the nickname “Feel the rainbow.”

These are the perfect size for a foot soak too! Simply fill up a dishpan of hot water, dissolve one of these little guys and stick in your sore, achy feet for quick relief.

CBD: 60mg
Price: $17.00
Price per mg: $0.29

Mint Wellness Cedarwood & Tangerine Bath Bomb

Mint Wellness Cedarwood & Tangerine Bath Bomb

Cedarwood & tangerine scents don’t seem to belong together, which makes me excited about these bath bombs. What a strange scent combination! And like strange jazz makes your mind more sharp, these two scents combine to give a wonderful aromatic sense of relaxation.

Each bath bomb comes with 35mg of broad spectrum CBD. They use CBD that has gone through a nano treatment to help it better dissolve in the water as well as an effervescent agent to give you a nice fizzing in the water while you relax.

CBD: 35mg
Price: $14.99
Price per mg: $0.43

HUGS Rose Bath Bomb

HUGS Rose Bath Bomb

These CBD bath bombs from HUGS sport a perfect 5-star review. Customers feel extremely relaxed with these bath bombs and use them after all kinds of activities, including rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and of course just a long day on your feet at work.

The rose scent is unique and just beautiful.  The scent is really nice without being overpowering, and it really does smell like roses. It’s perfect for an occasional bath or a bathing enthusiast.

CBD: 50mg broad spectrum
Price: $14.00
Price per mg: $0.28

CBD Fusion Lavender Chamomile Bath Bomb

CBD Fusion Lavender Chamomile Bath Bomb

The chamomile adds a softness to the lavender scent and both are known for their properties of helping people relax and sleep better. These bath bombs are a perfect addition to any night time bath to help you relax before you go to bed.

Filled with a big punch of CBD (100mg!) they are priced great for the amount of CBD you are getting in your bath. If you are looking for another scent, they also offer an eucalyptus peppermint bath bomb.

CBD: 100mg
Price: $15.95
Price per mg: $0.16

New England Hemp Farm Relax Bath Bomb

New England Hemp Farm Relax Bath Bomb

This potent CBD bath bomb from New England Hemp Farm, growing their own organic hemp in Connecticut, contains a wonderful combination of lemon, peppermint, lavender and orange essential oils to help you relax.

This unique combination of citrus, mint and lavender creates a unique scent that pulls you into the water, soothing away aches and worries, and allowing you some peace. The 100mg of CBD helps you get back to balance quickly.

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CBD: 100mg
Price: $16.99
Price per mg: $0.17

Proleve Calming Jasmine Bath Bomb

Proleve Calming Jasmine Bath Bomb

These five ounce bath bombs are scented with the characteristic intoxicating scent that only jasmine flowers can give. Jasmine has been researched as an aid for many different health issues, including depression, sex drive, and insomnia.

If you need a major dose of relaxation, this 100mg CBD bath bomb, is perfectly scented with the jasmine oil needed to get the job done. This bath bomb is all natural, organic and non-GMO, all qualities I expect from every Proleve product.

CBD: 100mg
Price: $20.00
Price per mg: $0.20

Holy Leaf Vanilla Bath Bomb

Holy Leaf Vanilla Bath Bomb

Holy Leaf organically cold presses hemp to ensure they leave all the natural fats, vitamins, nutrients and beneficial phytonutrients included with the CBD. This bath bomb features 100mg of this high quality CBD oil.

The sweet smell of vanilla in this bath bomb is subtle, but relaxing and good for those that need to keep the perfume smells out of their relaxation. When you step out of the tub, you will experience a softening layer of CBD-infused minerals coating your skin, prolonging your relaxation.

CBD: 150mg
Price: $20.00
Price per mg: $0.14