If values define a company at its core, then to live your company values is to bring your company and brand to life. This was the first thing that I learned when I recently spoke to Josey Orr, co-founder of Hugs CBD.

We spoke on a Friday afternoon, and during our introductory small talk, he mentioned that all of his employees were not working. They have instituted a 4-day work week, to “help their employees work better by giving them an extra day off to rest from work,” as Josey put it to me.

Talk about living the brand! You see, Hugs CBD is a brand that believes that self care isn’t selfish and it is ok to “Hug Yourself.” They believe in the positive power of daily self-care so they developed CBD products that would be useful in a daily self-care regimen.

“It’s important to take care of yourself, allowing you to focus better on others and their work. It’s important to be kind to yourself. It’s ok to take care of yourself. Not only is it ok, it should be encouraged,” Josey told me.

Hug Yourself with Hugs CBD

Why CBD Products?

When I asked him what turned him on to CBD, he said it grew from his personal experience with CBD. Orr struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, and he wasn’t excited about the pharmaceutical options, especially after nine years sober.

So, he began a therapeutic regimen of CBD to try to improve his feelings of anxiety, and after awhile, his symptoms began to diminish. Anyone that lives with daily anxiety knows what a relief it is to have those feelings leave you alone, even for a little while.

Because of his own personal experience, Josey wanted to share that with others. He decided to create a holistic product line that would sit between doing nothing for your issues and going to the doctor for a prescription.

His product line consists of some wonderful tinctures with pleasant smell and taste, gummies, bath bombs, a relief rub and a drink mix.

And it seems he has a knack for finding holistic remedies for common issues, such as poor sleeping habits. Hugs recently launched a new cbd tincture called Night Cap, with ingredients selected to aid in restful sleep.

Josey adds about Night cap, “I wanted a more holistic approach to helping sleep, so in addition to the CBD, I wanted to add plant-based ingredients that are known to be effective in relaxation and sleeping without needing melatonin.”

The Night Cap tincture features a mix of valerian root, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender and elevated levels of CBN to achieve improved sleeping patterns. All of these essential oils have been used for years to aid sleepers. And the hemp oil is full spectrum to give that extra added bit.

Up next on their product development list are skin care products, made with only plant-based ingredients and green manufacturing processes, so the results are in line with what consumers expect from the Hugs brand.

Manufacturing Processes You Can Trust

Their product manufacturer went through an incredibly strict vetting process to ensure that the products they sell are of the highest possible quality. Josey toured the facility and reviewed their manufacturing processes. He even reviewed their vendors to ensure the products that carried the Hugs label would be exceptional. Based on what I’ve tried, Josey and company hit that mark.

They use high quality hemp grown from organic hemp farm partners to source their CBD. Each partner is selected based on their product quality and farming practices. Since CBD is the spotlight ingredient in these products, the source must be as exceptional as the rest.

Josey requires that each product is lab tested by the manufacturer before he will accept it into his inventory. He then sends those products off for independent testing to ensure the accuracy of the results provided by the manufacturer.

Now this is a commitment to quality and safety! All lab results are available for viewing on their website.

Up next for Hugs in terms of their product development goals is vertical integration. As a measure of transparency that is so important in this industry, owning the farms that grow the hemp is a natural step, one that Josey is looking forward to.

“As a commitment to our transparency, our goal is to get to full seed-to-sale capability,” Josey mentioned when talking about farming.

Best Part of Hugs

In line with their commitment to taking care of yourself, they have a partnership with the charity 10,000 Beds, which helps those seeking addiction treatment get matched up with a scholarship to get into rehab.

For some, a scholarship is their only chance to get clean, so 10,000 Beds is dedicated to doing what it takes to help someone get to rehab – matching someone with the right facility, helping that person get there and pay for medication, etc.

And for every product that Hugs sells, they donate a portion of the revenue to 10,000 Beds to support this mission.

“I like to give back. Call it conscious capitalism,” Josey told me. If you want to do your part to give back while trying their amazing CBD products, check out hugscbd.com.

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