I love the stories of brands that originate on the farm and evolve to direct to consumer products made from their hemp crops. Everything starts with what they grow and evolves from there to serve their customers.

In this way, you know the products you are getting are made of love, for what else goes into the hard work of farming to bring forth a crop that contains the level of scrutiny that hemp receives?

Since Connecticut legalized hemp crops in 2019, that’s exactly the direction that New England Hemp Farm is heading in. Their first crop of hemp resulted in a wonderful hemp flower product known as Canterbury Crush.

And it is their intention to grow their hemp based product line from there, of course, that is once they’ve solved all their growing pains. I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian, the co-founder and a huge CBD proponent.

When I asked him about the brand’s core values, the origin story – what led to your starting New England Hemp Farm, he talked about how CBD worked wonders for him.

He is now a daily consumer, using his full spectrum CBD tinctures to feel good and to get rid of medications he doesn’t want to take. That belief in and experience of the benefits of CBD led to the development of these values.

New England Hemp Farm
New England Hemp Farm
New England Hemp Farm

What the New England Hemp Farm Brand Stands For

First, consumer choice must be informed. Buying something at the gas station is not at all safe. He told me a story about being asked why one product with more CBD than another cost less. He knew right away, the person was shopping at a gas station.

I cringe when I hear stories like this because not all products are created equal, and some could be just bad for you. Buyer beware! Do your homework and learn how to buy CBD products.

In Brian’s words, “Buy quality, tested CBD products from a company you trust. Don’t buy CBD in a gas station!

Next up, another important part of making CBD part of your health and wellness routine is to know your own therapeutic dose, because it is different for everyone. And that starts with knowing why you want to add CBD to your routine.

Once you know that, you can experiment to find the right form and amount of CBD product you need to take to achieve the benefits and effects you expect. But, as Brian noted, it is important to be consistent with using the CBD products for at least three weeks. Then see how you feel.

After talking with Brian, he offered full disclosure that not all of his products come from the farm, and that is understandable since the law only changed last year. His initial offering direct to consumers is hemp flower and pre-rolls.

CBDoinks - hemp prerolls from New England Hemp Farm

New England Hemp Farm flower & pre-rolls

What better way to get to know a hemp farm than by trying its crop directly. I’m definitely going to order some of the CBDoinks pre-roll packs. I was excited when Brian told me lab test results showed about 15% CBD levels, which is almost double what other farmers were able to produce.

CBDoinks come in what looks like a pack of cigarettes and inside are the coolest half gram pre-rolls. Easy, convenient, and I don’t have to mess with stems and seeds.

Their other products, manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, contain the highest quality ingredients and include topical lotions & balms, tinctures, pet tinctures & treats, and bath bombs.

What Hemp Means to New England Farms

The best part of hemp legalization in Connecticut and other New England states? The impact it has on farmers. Brian lit up when he started on the story of the New England Farm, worried about their extinction as family farms go under, kids don’t want to inherit them, or growth pushes them out of the way.

“Hemp is a cash crop that has the potential to be a radical game changer for New England Farming.” This cash crop can greatly increase the revenue output of a farm which will help secure farming life in New England for many generations to come!

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New England Hemp Farm products