For Proleve, makers of a full line of CBD products, transparency is the key to a brand that consumers can trust. To ensure a level of transparency that goes beyond anything their competitors are doing, Proleve built their consumer store and their lab in the same facility. And they put up a glass wall between them. This way, customers that walk in to browse their store can see the products being made. Imagine being able to watch how the very products you buy are made!

Proleve was founded by a long-time product developer approximately two years ago after he learned of the many benefits that CBD can provide. That his focus is on quality is clear just by browsing the Proleve website. They give us large, high resolution images so we can see exactly what we are buying. The colors are rich and vibrant, making it a comfortable browsing experience.

Let’s peak at their inner workings though. They are a full seed-to-sale product line. That means that they contract the farms that produce the hemp which provides the CBD they use in their product line. The products themselves are offered using different CBD extractions as well.

For those that are looking for the full, phytocannabinoid-rich experience of full spectrum CBD, they offer tinctures that come in several potencies, including 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg and 5000mg CBD.

If you need something that is guaranteed to be without any trace amounts of THC, their broad spectrum tinctures are available in the same levels of CBD. They also offer other products that contain only CBD isolate. Those include bath bombs and capsules as well as isolate powder itself.

As with all brands highlighted on the blog, they use third party lab testing to ensure that you are getting everything you are paying for and nothing you don’t want. The certificates of analysis are available for inspection for all their products.

Each label on every product contains a QR code, so any time you wish to inspect the certificates, you can scan the QR code and see the most recent lab test results. Talk about transparency!

Each product is made out of all natural, non-GMO ingredients and organic hemp oil, from farms they contract in Colorado. Their manufacturing facility in sunny Tampa, FL is one of a couple licensed by the state to be fully compliant with strict manufacturing guidelines.

Browse the exceptional Proleve product line here.